NobilisAI Help / Support Center

NobilisAI is a platform that helps you hire candidates. This is a smart Applicant Tracking System which automatically reads resume of candidates and scores them based on the job, so that you can review the best candidates first. In order to do this, the quickest way is to do the following steps.

1. To get started, add a new job and activate the job.
2. Once the job is active, post the job to a job board like LinkedIn and copy paste the apply URL to the job boards apply page.
3. As and when candidates apply, you will see the candidates in the jobs detail page. You can also view the candidates from the Candidates page.
4. Upload external resumes using the Upload Resumes feature.
5. Automatically candidates are scored against the applied jobs, you can view the scores in job detail page as well as candidates detail page.
6. Review the top candidates and move them through the simple hiring workflow by changing status.

On how to use each features, please choose the specific topic below.

To add jobs with NobilisAI, head to the “Jobs” tab, click the "New job" button and fill out the fields. This will include a job title and description, minimum education and minimum experience. You will be asked to include the required key skills (e.g., PMP Certification or Process Management). Adding required key skills makes the scoring more accurate. You will also rate each key skill, giving each an assigned importance based on a five-star rating. Upon finishing, activate the job listing and receive a live link leading to the application form.

Candidates can apply using a live link from the moment it is created. Hiring managers can also upload resumes they receive from recruiters by clicking on the “Upload Resumes” tab, either individually or by using the “Sync A Folder” option to upload multiple resumes. When uploading resumes, hiring managers can choose jobs candidates are suitable for. One powerful feature when uploading resumes is the option to add custom tags. This lets hiring managers tag resumes, including groups of resumes, with keywords. For example, a group of resumes can be tagged as being sent by “Recruiter Janice Garza”.

With NobilisAI, searching for candidates is as simple as heading to the “Candidates” tab, where you can immediately see all potential candidates. From there, filter results based on skills and applicable positions. Additionally, you can filter candidates based on tags you created in the resume uploading process, by the source of the upload (i.e., web or organic upload) and the date the application was created. After searching for candidates, you can add them to listed positions as well as to tags.

Initially, all candidate information is automatically read by the NobilisAI resume scanner, pulled from the resume and added to the candidate card. From there, you can easily edit candidate information as required. The tearsheet sections lets you make notes on the candidate card. The Feedback section lets you add feedback for the candidate based on interview. The status option lets you know where the candidate is in the hiring workflow. While doing all this, you can also view the candidate’s job score. The score is one of the most important features when it comes to candidate information, and ranges on a scale from 0 to 120 based on how well the candidate fits the role.

Hiring managers will use various filters when working with NobilisAI. By selecting a few different skills, such as the applicant source and certain criteria, you can create a filter that contains a subset of candidates. This can be done by simply selecting the “Save As Filter” button. The filter acts as a folder and will drop any new candidates into the related folder if they meet the selected criteria.

A company can have one or more locations, and NobilisAI takes this into account. To add or change company locations, which will be used when adding jobs, head to “Company” under “Settings”. Here, you can add in all the details for a company’s main location as well as other locations.

Various application forms and templates can be used with NobilisAI. You can add additional forms by uploading them to the “Applicant Forms” tab under “Settings”. The different forms and templates allow you to list required fields such as expected salary or ability to relocate. These application forms will be the forms you choose when adding jobs. Needs revision

The dashboard is the hiring manager’s most important resource when using NobilisAI. It gives you information on how many applicants are in your system, how many open jobs you have, the skills in your database, the number of new applicants you have and even gives you an overall snapshot of total applicants.

With the “Job Summary” page, you gain access to visual information about your candidates with a graph that shows all candidates The X-axis indicates candidates’ overall candidate score and the Y-axis indicates the time and date they applied.