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Automatically Read Resumes, Identify Top Candidates, and Improve Productivity With NobilisAI

With our smart recruiting software you can quickly access the top candidates for your available jobs. NobilisAI technology cuts down on the cost and time associated with the recruitment process. And our innovative and valuable software ensures you gain access to the best possible applicants every time. Soon you’ll be wondering how you ever handled hiring without it!

Smart Apply

Smart Apply

We create a smarter process with our recruiting platform. When it’s easier for candidates to apply, you will get a bigger and better pool of applicants to choose from. Don’t lose out on a great candidate due to a poor process. Choose us and you’ll see applications from top candidates.

Tag & Search Candidates

Tag & Search Candidates

With us, it’s easy to create tags for potential candidates. From there, you can search for the candidates that best match your position. This seamless process helps you cut down on the time it takes to find the top applicants for your company’s available positions.

Tag & Search Candidates

Match Candidates

NobilisAI is AI integrated with applicant tracking to allow browsing candidates. Our quick, efficient software can help ensure you get the best possible matches. This allows you to make better, smarter matches for the positions you have available.

Organize your resume Bank

One of the challenges of finding the right candidate is sifting through the many different possibilities. Nobilis AI organizes the resumes in your bank, allowing you to make fast and easy searches.

Why NobilisAI

Automatically Read Resumes

Identify Top Candidates

Improve Recruiter Productivity

Save Money on Applicant Searches

Create a Better Candidate Experience

Easy Resume Bank Organization

Safe and Secure Data Storage

Smart and Intuitive Use

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